09 June 2006

Mommy had nothing better to do....again!

*Sigh* Ever since mommy got her new ixus camera, she's been taking lots of crazy shots of poor me. She calls them candid shots, piang! *rolling my eyes & showing the whites*
~~ My fore and hind paws ~~
~~ My cute button nose ~~
~~ Me lazing around ~~
~~ My silky head ~~
~~ Blankie hood ~~
~~ Oh so obscene shot ~~

Nope, I didn't steal the milk. If I did, the whitish stuff would've been on the top side of my lips wouldn't it?

How's that for foamy saliva?? ^_^ Know how I got that? It was from non-stop licking of the floor as I graced along ... I wasn't so submissive with mommy trying to take pic as proof. That's why you can see mommy's hand at the left side of the pic trying to hold my head still. That also explains why the pic is a lil' blurry.

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