06 March 2007

Gong Xi Fa Cai (Chinese New Year 2007)

Lunar New Year 2007 had just come and gone.  Since I'm the "Top Dog Model" (see previous entry), you must be wondering what I wore for the CNY.  Come, let's take a look!

In Cheongsam (must dress for the occasion isn't it?)

Wat?? Must still work (ie. take photo) during CNY? NO...........!!!!!

Nope! No treats I don't want to take photo! 

What? After this can go visiting? Then hurry up snap a shot!

Psst... tell you a secret.  The cheongsam isn't mine.  I was just modelling in it as all of my sizes were sold out by CNY.  Mommy did not leave a piece for me! *wails*  The one I was wearing was a size bigger (notice that the collar is so wide on the first 3 photos?).  Below are what I got to wear for CNY visits: 

Oooh... looking shy in so cute pink jumper. 

Back view (what a bushy tail hahaha....)

Aawww... what a cute pose.  It's a natural pose by the way, not pre-arranged

Big Head Shot

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