01 June 2007


Last Saturday, Daddy brought something home.  I tried to peek but as my height is only so much, I couldn't make out what it is.  Then when I least expected it,  I heard the sound of plastic bag being opened and from it Daddy took out this cute-looking thingy!

Everybody, this is PINKY! (*duh, no pun intended ok?*)
Her actual name is Morchoo, a mascot of the Gardenasia Kids.  There's another mascot called Titoy, green in colour, also very cute-looking. I wonder why Daddy did not get me a pair?? *Why Daddy?*

I learnt her name very fast. Mom played Fetch with me and referred to her as Pinky so very fast I could differentiate between Pinky and Bear-Bear my other soft toy.  Mom says I 喜新厌旧 (meaning has a liking for something new and dislike the older one) because I've been playing with Pinky more since she came and neglected Bear-Bear. Oh my bad!

Pinky: "Oei Bowie! Don't sleep leh, wake up!"

Pinky: "Yo Bowie! Let's play shall we??"

Bowie:" Oei Pinky, I'm tired; leave me alone please?"

Bowie: "Oh Pinky! I'm sorry.  I'll play with you for just a while ok?"

Pinky: "Oh Bowie! No, it's my fault!  Please rest well, we play tomorrow."

Pinky: "I sleep with you Bowie."

Pinky: "I'll be your pillow!"  (*see how stoned I looked*)

Pinky: "No, wait! Let's take 1 more picture!  Say Cheezzz!  Nite nite!!"

Bowie: "Alamak! Now I'm wide awake! It's all your fault Pinky."
Pinky: "Paiseh... now I'm tired and falling asleeep le :P" 

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