03 July 2007

Treats Time

About a week ago, my 'Gan-Ma' (means Godmom) gave me 2 ziplock-bagful of raw dehydrated treats -- lean pork and pig hearts!! Yum-yum-yummy!!!!!! Sorry ah, 'Gan-Ma' .. I call you Gan-Ma without you officially acknowledging me as your godson :P

Today's video is to show you how delicious those treats are and how 'evil' my humans are! See how they keep me in suspense, dangling the treats in front of me keeping me in suspense instead of feeding me immediately! See how my poor (lower) jaw trembles in anticipation (MUST LOOK CLOSELY).. making me look so gluttonous! hmph! 

Bowie: *paging 'Gan-Ma'* "MORE! MORE! hahaha..."
Mommy: "Bowie! Don't you feel paiseh asking for more treats??!!"

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