27 November 2010

Body Cooler

The thing I'm lying sleeping comfortably on is actually a kind of seat 'cushion' made of bamboo pieces. The pieces are threaded together with gaps in between and forming a seat 'cushion' enough to sit an average size human butt.  The mat is very cooling as the bamboo pieces do not trap heat like a normal pillowy cushion does.

When my parents first got this cushion home and placed it on Daddy's my favourite place on the sofa, I totally freaked out and avoided that place. You see, I am scared of lots of new and strange or unfamiliar things.  But Daddy needs to use this bamboo cushion cos his butt generates heat like no one's business so Mommy kept telling me that this cushion is harmless and slowly encouraged me to get near it and finally I got on top of it! Hey! It is simply marvelous and I lurrve it! So now I just make myself comfy on it anytime I want when Daddy's butt is not on it. Sometimes even when Daddy just left the cushion for a short moment, I'd claim the spot as mine and he'll let me be. ^_^

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scotsmad said...

We could use one of those, I mean three of those cushions. This time of year we've moved from the couch to the tiles.

We also like sleeping with legs, too.

XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella