18 November 2010

Hot Spots 2 Continued

5th day of hot spots.  Almost all dried up, hooray!

Today also my grooming day. My groomer Aunty Janet comes to our house. She's what we call a Home Groomer.

After grooming; Do I look neat and handsome? ^_^

Trying hard to keep my eyelids opened. Me mentally tired after going through my much hated grooming session. 

Not that I dislike Aunt Janet. I adore her! She always gives me little biscuits during and after the grooming.  She has been very gentle with me and both she and Mommy commented that I have improved TREMENDOUSLY since my very first session with her way back in March 2006. I was moving everywhere on the grooming table; pulled back my arms and legs when my nails were being trimmed etc.  I just HATE grooming per se. Period.

So I thought I should show Mommy this sulky face as a protest! Humph!

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