16 February 2012

Personal Hygiene and Grooming - Part 4

... and so the torture hygiene & grooming story continues ...

I use a human toothbrush.  Mommy says she and Daddy are also using the same kind of toothbrush and she finds the tapering bristles very good at reaching the gum line area. Most importantly, the bristles are soft enough! The cost is easy on the pocket too BOL! 

That long orange color thing is a nail file for humans.  From the $2 shop, a pack comes in 2 filers.
Again cheap and good!

As much as I hate it, I still want to have a set of sparkling white and strong teeth.  So no choice but to endure the torture brushing! AND nail-cutting.

This post ends my Personal Hygiene and Grooming topics.  
*paws crossed no one invents new torture devices any more!* 


scotsmad said...

And the torture continues.....

XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

Finn said...

YOu are so good for letting them take out their frustrations on you with that torturous activity! You look all the more beautiful for it!

yuki and rocket said...

your toothpaste is very interesting looking! mom used a toothbrush that was human on us, but it was still not soft enough for yuki's gums and made them bleed, so mom had to shell out the cash for the pricey dog toothbrushes. do you get a treat when eveything is done? we get dental treats, so all the torture is worth it!!

Two French Bulldogs said...

What is going on with all this cleaning, brushing, wiping! Oye!
Benny & Lily