12 May 2016

Separation Anxiety

I have separation anxiety.  Mommy found out by video recording me years ago when I was alone at home.

The good lucky thing is, I do not destroy anything around the house.

I only whine, cry, howl.... anything vocal.  And I also run around the house looking for anyone home.

When they leave the house, they will fill up several (used to be only 2) hollow toys with treats. I always get distracted conned because I am a food lover.  The crying, howling and running around start once the treats are finished (which do not take very long).

Mommy does not think that crate training me will help she's too impatient to go through it. I am such a whiner, I do not like being cooped up. Even if kept in the room or kitchen by myself, I make sure the neighbors know.

So, I would have to go to daycare if the hoomans need to go out for at least 3 hours. For 1-2 hours, they would just heavy-heartedly let me stay at home by myself if there's no better choice.*

* We don't own a car. Travelling with a pet (dog) in taxis can be a hassle. Not all taxi drivers are animal lovers; some are allergic to dog/cat and would refuse to take us. Those who do, we make sure that I am in my crate. Pets are not allowed in public buses and subway trains. Pet taxis (private) are expensive. Luckily nowadays there are Uber and the like, making it easier.

This was how stressed out and tired I was from all the crying and running and panting!
When mom's back, I would follow her like a glue! I'd rest only after she's settled down on the couch.

noticed that I was wearing diapers?? because I would 'forget' to pee in my pee tray and sometimes leave pawprints all over the floor after stepping on my urine.

I have a (travel) crate that is slightly bigger, not as big as a playpen, but taller than when I'm standing and I can turn around in it. This crate is used when mommy needs to just go across the street to grab some food supplies. For about 20 minutes or so. I'd try to let the neighbors know too!

Who else has separation anxiety like me? :p


Lone Star Cats said...

Dat doesn't sound like any fun.

FinleytheWestie said...

Oh noes... dat sounds like no fun at all.

Me, I just take a nap until dey comes home. Us pups got crate trained early, so we don't mind it.

Julie said...

I finks thats a pawsome training technique fur your peeps.....great way to make sure they don't leave you alone!!!!!
I don't like my peeps leaving me either, butts I just sit in my Princess bed by the front door waiting fur them to come home
Loves and licky kisses
Princess Leah xxx

Bella Roxy & Macdui said...

That's rough, mate. We've never had separation anxiety...but then we always have other pups around. We're not allowed in any public transport or restaurants or other stuff either....it's NOT FAIR!

Sully said...

Oh dogs that's ruff. I don't stress out like you I just go take a nap. I have other issues like flies. I get so scared and shake if one gets in the house. I also stress out if the UPS guy leaves a package on the porch. Wish I had some advice to give ya but I'm in shape to paw out advice to anyone.

Aroo to you,