22 May 2017

Happy Barkday To ME

I am 14 years old! OMD that's 72 in human years!!!!

I had to wait for the Oh-my-let to cool down. 
In this photo, mom was holding with one hand the Oh-my-let over her head to let the ceiling fan do the cooling work. The other hand was busy snapping blurry picture of me bwahaha

The oh-my-let got my 5/5 Paws Approval!
I was already barking for it while it was still cooking in the pan!!!

All cut up ready for serving to me!
*woof woof woof in the background*

I was 'forced' to sit down to wait for a snapshot!! GRRRRR

Let the chomping begin!

Nom nom nom... Nom nom nom...

I am wearing my new top, isn't it cute???

Emptied the bowl in seconds.

Checking for crumbs.

I am UNCLE Bowie, 72 years old remember? 
Expanded too much energy chowing down those oh-my-let, time to hit the pillow floor.

10 April 2017

Laundry Again?

Why do hoomans wear so many clothes???

There seems to be endless rounds of laundry after laundry week after week!!!
Geez....makes me sooo busy!

Luckily I know how to take it easy BOL

07 April 2017

Be Assertive

It has been observed that the more I aged, the more stubborn assertive I am.

And very vocal too! (aka bark first, think later!)

Mom's not all too happy about it but there's nothing she can do 'bout it BOL

I used to just happily trot along wherever mom lead me.

Now this: 

And so the old assertive dog wins.

06 April 2017

Job Titles and Award

By now you would have known I am the handypaw around our house. I've got many many job titles.
So in order to recognise my contributions to the family, I am hereby awarded a medal! Woohooo....

But...but...but... I'm so shy I can't look at the camera  :P

hey mom, where's the platform where I'm supposed to stand to receive my medal? 

04 April 2017

ZZZZZZ March 2017

   pssst... look at where both my arms are! BOL

I sleep with my eyes half-opened most of the time during the day (so I can spring into actions anytime!).

  My clothes says "Devil Dog" or "Monster Dog" BOL

03 April 2017

General Inspector

Somebuddy has got to do the inspection duties around the house isn't it? Who else butt me is perfect fur the job??

Anything that comes into this household has to go through me. Yes, even the peeps! I must sniff and check everything. And I mean EVERYTHING.

Dad won this suitcase in a lucky draw (and mom thought why not won $87 millions instead???? why why???).  Ok, I digress.

So, suitcase inspection passed, no stowaway. Can you spot the inspector?? BOL

13 March 2017

Mischief Monday - Thought No One Is Looking

That was what I thought. Butt mom told me that she was actually hiding behind the sofa to catch me in action! Geez.

10 March 2017

ZZZZZZZ Feb 2017


   *Look how I 'raised' my right hand bwahaha