31 July 2007

My Laptop

I may not be IT-savvy but I do have my own laptop ok??!! See below photos for proof! Do you see my laptop??

I heard some of you asking 'where, where is the laptop?'. 

The "lap" where I sleep on "top" lah!! BOL... that's my "laptop"! *ROFL*  It's my very own and personal laptop ok? No one besides me can sleep there, it's for me EXCLUSIVELY! *looking proud*
To request to sleep on my laptop, I would stand up on my hinds and with 1 front paw against the chair (that Mommy is sitting on) to support myself, I would tap Mommy's thigh lightly to indicate my request.  Mommy would then lift me up and put me on her lap.  Mommy would put me back down on the floor when her legs become numb heehee...(updated: look here to see what I mean).

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