19 July 2014

Wakey Wakey

I had just woken up from my afternoon nap...

(stretching my back and butt)

(now stretching my arms)

(moving off the bed)

18 July 2014

Flashback Friday

Once apaw a time, 

when I looked like a mouse (complete with a mouse tail)...

... ... also looking like a feather duster ... ... 

... ... and had a spunky hairstyle ... ...

(the above on the day I became a new family member of my furever home)


Help.....! I am NOT part of the laundry!!!!!

16 July 2014

Sexy Look

I swear! It wasn't my intention to look this sexy. Butt efurry time it sure happens after a rigorous rolling in da bed. I just do not understand how.

04 July 2014

Just For Laughs

TGIF TDIF furriends! Happy Weekends!!