25 June 2009

New Bed (Again??)

Daddy left this squarish thingy lying on the floor. I thought it is my new (FLAT) bed so I had to test it.

Mommy: "Silly boy! That's just a recycling bag."
sleep on recycled bag

Note by Mommy:  This silly boy had a similar cute mistake back in year 2003 when he was just a 5-mth old pup! Some things just never change eh?

Grooming: Before and After




After grooming

The weather has been sooo warm recently I'm glad Mommy made a wise choice to have my beautiful silky fur (*thick-skinned eh? ^_^*) trimmed short.  It also made me look very slim, ooh!

Note from Mommy: Oh, I just have to dig out this classic long fur shot of Bowie. We laugh so hard every time we look at this photo! whoahahahaha..........we think he looked like those old wise guru!