16 October 2008

Unexplainable Habit

This habit of mine is similar to what I described in my "Newspapers and I" entry.  This time however, it is ... ...

... ... a pair of jeans!!

The moment Mommy laid the jeans down on the floor, immediately I went over and positioned myself on it! Me very worried! Is this a sickness? Do I need to see the vet?? :(

09 October 2008

Scarf, Bandana or Napkin??

What the heck is THAT on my neck? Is it my new scarf Mommy? But er ... I remember this piece of thingy is what you use to wipe my mouth with!

Well ... let me just humour Mommy and pretend that I am SO PROUD wearing my 'new scarf'
*eyes rolling off camera*

My Sanctuary

This narrow passageway (just nice for my long 'sausage' body!) behind the sofa is where I go to when I need to be unnoticed, escape to when I'm notti or scared.  Or simply laze around yet still monitor everything that's going on ... ...  You see, that's why I stick my head out from that passageway while my body is still in there. Cool eh? :)