31 March 2014

Chew And Play Time

I love the Kitty's hands da most.  Mom says they are turning black and smelly due to excessive gnawing.  I like black, black is nice!

29 March 2014


My Bear-Bear just decided to be attached to me.

28 March 2014

King of Da Bed

Mom had just changed the sheets (ahem...she said pardon the creases - why bother ironing it when after sleeping it's gonna be creased anyway?!).

Anyway, so just after a change of sheets, it is my ritual to be the first one up and roll on it.

Here I was, relaxed (and stoned) after the ritual.

26 March 2014

Bed Time

Yep! By routine, I will dig, dig, and dig my 'mattress' and mess it up.  Then I sleep in the hollow part of the bed (usually at the sides).

14 March 2014

NG Shot

NG: according to Urban Dictionary, means No Good.

This is the nice good pose:

And this, is the NG shot: 

Just Resting My Eyes

Like I said, I was just resting my eyes.
I didn't fall asleep.

07 March 2014

I Not Culprit

Mommy: yupz, it was the strong wind that toppled the table and stools.  Bowie was just checking things out after.  Lucky he wasn't strolling there at that time *phew*

06 March 2014

Eggy Time

1 whole egg pan-fried without oil. Yum yum!

Fruity Time

Yupz, we share our organic apples.  
Sliced into 8 wedges, I get 3 (chopped into smaller pieces to fit my mouth and tummy BOL)!