30 September 2011

Brain Jammed

Furiends, I am running out of some juices.  Not the fruity kind.  It's something with lots of "T-V-ty"...  starts with a letter 'c'.  I just can't remember the full word.

*brain jammed*

*brain STILL jammed*

29 September 2011

New Doga Pose

Nope, Cute Butt is NOT the new pose; I am merely directing everyfurdy's attention to my     undisputed cute butt! BOL!

introducing NOM-GA pose:  Nom-ming in Doga pose --> NomGa.

otherwise known as The High Heels pose.  Above pics should be self-explanatory why it is so named.

18 September 2011

Free Style. My Style.

Who says we must sleep fitting nicely into our beds?  I sleep how I like. My way, MY style!

I must admit it does make me numb most some times. 
S--T--R--E--T--C--H--I--N--G  is therefore a must!

How I used to sleep in my younger days:

Legs up:

Squeezing into tight space horizontally. Now I hardly use this space anymore (old stiff bones!):

The highest level of sleeping pose -- sleeping but appears not to be. BOL: 

Did I look like a guru? (^_^)  During my young adulthood I was sporting long (and naturally curly) hair.  Mommy says I look much better with short hair, younger.  I think she's just lazy to maintain my beautiful curly and sexy long hair!

14 September 2011

B for?

B for Boy.   B for Bowie.

B for BATH (after)!

B for Blow Drying!!

B for Bad Hairstyle!

Ta-Daa...! Dry and not so fluffy! B for Bery Handsome.

B for Bark-Out-Loud! Bwoof, Bwoof, Bwoof!

Now, may I have B for Breakfast, Blease?

06 September 2011

Blogville's Back To School Bash 2011

Furriends who attended the Back To School Bash, wouldn't you agree that we had a furry good time? (^_^)
Below are the events that I attended:

French class taught by Benny:

Preparing to go to class....with my school bag of course!

Bowie please repeat...Bonjour.....Good Morning
Bowie, "Buenos Dias!"
Bowie this is cours de fran├žais....French class.

School Daze hosted by Oskar:

Munk Mock hosted by Sarge:
Me giving those Munks a great big mock face!

Pawm 2011 hosted by The Love Shack Pack:
Bowie has found a froggie friend.  I hope she doesn't believe he's her Prince Charming.  We have several other handsome choices to pick from in the house tonight.
I was mistaken as a "she" BOL as I chose to cross-dress.

ISM hosted by Ronnii & Uji:

Flower Show hosted by Finn
Not much flowers so I decided to give a helping hand *spray*. (^_<)


*Mommy typed the title of this post.*

Er...what again? I saw my name in the title! Bowie-saur...kinda familiar..!

Dino-saur! It's been extinct fur like my-hairs-are-not-enough-for-counting-the-number of years!!!!!

*Mom: "See the circled part on the above photo? Does it look similar to the back of the creature in the photo below?"

*Mom: "The creature is called Ouranosaurus, so Wikipedia says."

Now I know! 

Anyway, why does this tank top has such uncanny similarity to that fearful looking creature?  It's all the work of Mommy.  The tank top has been so 'seasoned' that it has stretched and become too loose.   As Mommy does not have any sewing machine, she thought the easiest way to make it fit without any major alteration was to pinch the excess bits from the back and (hand-)sewed it straight down! So here we are.

Don't worry, she sewn it with the clothes off my back; I was not hurt in the process BOL

That's Pinky peeking from behind my back by the way.