17 October 2007

Raffy Got Stuck!

See? Raffy got stuck at my humans' bed and I was trying to rescue him!


However, I did not succeed in rescuing him (later I overheard Mommy telling Daddy that I merely made matters worse!)


See video below to know why:

Did you enjoy the video? Did you see how I tried to "kill" Raffy by shaking him so vigorously?? Mommy always say it's a wonder my head doesn't fall off shaking soooo hard! hahaha...

I.T. Dog

Okie, today was a very busy day for me. I got so much work to do on the PC.

Me: "Mommy, please help to take some photos of me sitting in front of PC and working okie?"

Mommy: "Ok lah, you are such a show-off!"

Hello?? Mommy! Where's the top part of my head? Take a proper shot leh...

... busy ... busy ... busy ... let me see, anyone bid on my auctions?

hmm... how should I reply this email?

Finished with the work. Napping time!


I.T. stands for Information Technology; also stands for Intelligent Terrier. The 2nd one applies in this journal! ^_^

16 October 2007

Trust Me

Why is today's journal titled "Trust Me"? See the photos below and see if you understand ... ...



So do you get it??? My hoomans trust me so much that I will not mess with the cable/wire/laptop and what-nots that they just leave them lying around lor. And indeed I have not disappointed them thus far, since I was a baby and even while teething! *mi looking damn proud; see 2nd pic: my eyes even glowing with pride! hahaha...*

Oh by the way, did you all notice that I am wearing the cute pinky overalls? ^_^  Who says I always wear same same thing har? *rolls eyes*   Mommy: "Ok lah, ok lah... you win lah, happy?"

14 October 2007

Sl**p (Guess the missing alphabets)

No prize for guessing correctly hor. 

Mommy: "Please lah Bowie...! Can change pattern or not?? Always showing us your sleeping shots?! You not sianz other people also sianz okie?"

Me: "You think I like it meh? What to do, cos I spend 75% of my time lazing/sleeping, 10% taking walks, 10%                   having meals and 5% playing! Of course most shots of my pics would be on sleeping lah! Duh!"

Mommy: "Also hor, can please change into some other t-shirts? Always see you posing in the same same tank tops!"

Me: "HAALLLOO? Mommy you senile ah? You only bought me 2 miserable tank tops and they're the most comfy to wear. The other clothes either a bit fitting or slightly too thick. You want me to die of heat ah??  You are the one responsbile for my wardrobe so don't complain to me but go and do your job lah..."

So dear friends, do bear with me while mommy do a wardrobe makeover. But don't put our hopes high cos it's unlikely! Mommy: "Bowie so smart!" whoahahahaha...

Pattern A: view 1

Pattern A: view 2

Pattern A: view 3

Pattern B

Pattern C: view 1

Pattern C: view 2

06 October 2007

Harry or Hairy??

I really do not understand leh... sometimes hor, the stuff that the hooomans are crazy about sometimes can spread to our doggy world.  Take Harry Porter for example.

See? Black colour and the hood? It's adapted from Harry Porter's costume lor!! But hor, I don't deny I look sorta cute in it lah! hahaha... Sorry, I dunno what "thick-skin" means hor.

Wait a minute! I thought it is supposed to be "HARRY Porter"??? Mommy??!!

Or maybe it is simply "Doggy Hotter"? hmm....

Heck lah! I look handsome and nice in the outfit is all that matters. Right?