30 September 2012

A Dog's Eye View

Wondering what I see standing at the balcony?

Pardon the night and day photo mismatched BOL...

28 September 2012

New Dog House

Where? Where? I have never owned a dog house!

Mommy: "There! You are sleeping under in it!"  

Oh My Dog, I did not realized!  This is the first time we have a proper coffee table dog house.  It is of a nice height I can just make an appearance like this when there are snacks! Love it!

27 September 2012


I am ready to start my day. Are you? ^_^

25 September 2012

Guard Duty

Guard duty: You guard by the door like this, even the balcony door. Thieves can always come in by the balcony like a Spiderman.

Then there is also the main door. I am staring in its direction (after the pet gate).

I heard some noises outside our door!! Alert, alert! ACTION!

Being a Guard drains too much of my energy! It's time for a power nap eh, Kitty?

My eyelids are so heavy. I need to go off duty now.

Mom, I hereby tender my resignation.

22 September 2012

Sun Tanning

Mommy: "Where are you heading to, Bowie?"

Me: "Upz the blinds pleaze? I wanna sun tan today!"

13 September 2012

New Home... Finally!

Few months back I mentioned about our new home.  We have finally shifted in last weekend! The first few days I wasn't used to my new bathroom and did IT at the dining room and Daddy's study! Why! Didn't they know that they need to put my toilet with exactly the same layout (it used to be at right-hand side)? But Mommy put it at the left side so I could not get used to it :(  Luckily Mommy changed it back to the right side! And today I did it all correctly!! *proud*

The first night, I paced back and forth in the bedroom and whined, keeping mommy and daddy awake till after midnight :P  Luckily things improved on subsequent nights.

These were pre-move in orientation visit:

We have a huge balcony ^_^

Checking out the place.  Furnitures not all in yet so space looks big, don't be fooled BOL

 These were after moving in.  Looking out from balcony.  If you looked carefully, my pawrents had invisible grilles installed just before the balcony railing. The railing gaps are too big for my slim head; the invisible grilles are with smaller gaps.  The are not exactly invisible, just thin but high-tensioned wires.

Stressed and tired.