31 December 2010


The sucker's name is Vacuum Cleaner.  When I was first introduced to him, I barked at him fiercely as he surprised me with his da*n loud noise.  Now?  He's just like an old friend that whenever he's at work, I'd want to stay close.  However, I do not understand why he cannot work by himself but needs Mommy to pull him along???

Me watching, making sure Mommy and Mr. Vacuum are doing a good job of keeping the tiles clean for me to trot on :)

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30 December 2010

B & B

B & B = Bed & Breakfast?  WRONG.

It's Beds & Beds

Those are ALL my beds.  1, 2, and 3 and 4.  The 4th one is the one right at the bottom, the biggest one where my hoomans also sleep on. \(^_^)/

Don't look at me cos I ain't the one who bought them.  But I luurve rubbing and rolling in them. Big or small. Oh yeah!

21 December 2010

Merry Furry Christmas 2010

Wishing All Furriends A Merry Furry Christmas!!

I did not actually wear any of the Christmas hats! Can you believe it?! ^_^
Read from Honey The Great Dane's bloggie that there's this very cool website (www.pikipimp.com) which lets us add lots of items to photos! Do check it out!

15 December 2010

Puppy Me

This cute lil' pup was ME! At 3.5 months old. 

It was my first or second day Mommy and Daddy brought me home ^_^

14 December 2010

Which One To Choose?

Weird!  Mommy say that I'm getting old and this thing called 'pre' something (Mommy: "It's Presbyopiaa condition where the eye exhibits a progressively diminished ability to focus on near objects with age) will be looking for me soon enough so she's getting me prepared in advance.  But, but...I still feel so very young!

Anyway just so that Mommy does not keep bothering me with this 'pre' thing, I'll just get ready a pair of glasses.  But I cannot decide which frame to choose! Help me please?

 A? (studious-looking)

 B? (looks like moi going for a swim)

 or C? (be comical)