27 June 2016

Smiley Monday

I hope to brighten your day with my BIG smile today! \(^_^)/

Had no choice but to mosaic mom's face as she woke up with dark circles almost touching the floor whoahahaha...

23 June 2016

Walkie Time??

I was deep in sleep but mommy made a sound waking up and....

... my head sprung up immediately,  with the look "time to walkie??!!" on my face.

Yes or No, i NEED to ssstttrrrreeeetttcccchhhhhh first!
and yeah, plus my signature 'swimming arm strokes'.

Never Successful

Mom thinks there is something wrong with me.

I have never successfully carry a toy UP my stairs onto the couch before.
It's like my mouth and legs cannot coordinate well.
No matter how big or how small the toy was.

When I go up the stairs, I will always open my mouth thus dropping the toy.

Hey, I need to focus on moving my legs up the stairs! I can't multi task!

Toy dropped.

Trying again.  See, I started moving up the stairs.

Then dropping the toy. 

Rescue attempt failed.


21 June 2016

SPREAD THE WORD: Stop Yulin Dog Meat Festival

My dear Furriends,

Please get your peeps to use the power of blogsville to help SPREAD THE WORD: Stop Yulin Dog Meat Festival.  Our 4 legged furriends are being brutally killed and eaten as we are sharing this.
Share as many people as you can and sign the petition (link below).

You're looking at 50,000+ signatures standing up against the Yulin Dog Meat Festival.
These signatures have already been sent to authorities, but you can still sign the petition here ► http://iheartdogs.co/StillSignYulinWe ARE making a difference. Every year the public pressure increases and number of dogs killed goes down!
- source

20 June 2016

Monday Blues

Monday Blues?

Monday Blue? No pun intended.

Hope these drive your monday blues away! Smile!

19 June 2016

Squeeze Squeeze

... ... and squeeze.

Oh how I love to squeeze into tight spaces when there's hooman involved.
Don't you all? \(^_^)/

Luckily I can bend it like beckham, whatever that means.

17 June 2016

TDIF Rub Rub Rub

Thank Dog It's Friday!

So I can Rub Rub Rub My FACE!


Sexy skinny slim legs must be stretched out, of course, for maximum pleasure BOL

The pink one is mom's butt cushion.  
Leave it on the floor and it's MINE!

13 June 2016

Mischief Monday

Mom thought I was part of the laundry geez ... ... and I just played along BOL

11 June 2016


Looks like I clocked up quite a number of hours at my favourite pastime \(^_^)/
Maybe I should consider setting a record? hmm....
*should i? should i? should i?.....*
**fell asleep**

For the love of slippers:

10 June 2016

Must Not Be Boring

Up the stairs I went up the couch.

Turned left and plunged into my mat. 

Then back up the way to other end of couch, and continued rubbing my face
(photo from another 'rubbing' session)

Or, up the stairs onto the couch.
Stopped and plunged my face into the backrest of couch.

Must not be boring; one needs to shake up the routine a little sometimes.

09 June 2016

Throwback Thursday

Old puppy habits die hard, realllll hard!

5 months young:

6 years young: