27 May 2013

Oh So Ticklish

"Oooh... this is too ticklish Mom!"

"Yea... this is much better!"

23 May 2013

10th Barkday Follow-Up

This is pre-barkday treat, a day before my actual barkday.

Today's post is on the actual day which was yesterday.

This is my 'cake'.  Simple (just 2 ingredients put together and steamed) and healthy according to Mommy.

The torturous moments every buddy has to go through ... posing for camera before we are allowed to attack the food!!!  Sorry Mom.  I couldn't look up, my eyes must focus on the 'cake'.

Look carefully at the following 2 pictures, how my tongue came out in 'slow motion' BOL

By the time Mommy said 'OK' to eat and reached for her camera, I was done with my 'cake' boahahaha....

Yummy!!  Erm ... can I have 1 more please?

22 May 2013

10th Barkday

Today (22 May 2013) is my 10th Barkday. Woof! Woof! Happy Barkday to Me!!

And yesterday, I had my quarterly grooming.

I looked like this before:

I was wearing a new clothes.  There's bling-bling on the back:

This is how I look after:

Do you prefer the 'before' or 'after' me? :)

Mommy baked me some cookies (recipe copied from here).  As a pre-barkday treat, I got 1 piece at dinner time, besides kibbles of course, and another 2 as my before-bedtime-treats :)
*psst..THEY ate more pieces than me! Unfair!!*

11 May 2013

Detachable Ears

Furriends, I have a secret.
My ears are detachable.  Don't believe?  See fur yourselves.

I detach them when Mom says words like 'No', 'bad boy', 'No licking the floor', etc etc...

I put 'em ears back on when Mom says words like 'treats', 'walk', 'eat', 'sleep' or 'good boy'.

Caution:  Ears are detached with years of experience and practice. Do at your own risk.

10 May 2013

I Love Dirty Laundry

I got on to the pile of dirty laundry Mommy dumped on the floor faster than she could say 'NO' 

I rub, rub, rub... ... ...

I rub, rub, and rub some more... ... ...

Ahhhh........ I AM in Heaven!!

03 May 2013

I Love Newspapers

Why is it so?  Beats me too!
Put them on the floor and this is what I usually do, besides bringing my toys to play on it:

They're MINE!

So nice....