31 December 2010


The sucker's name is Vacuum Cleaner.  When I was first introduced to him, I barked at him fiercely as he surprised me with his da*n loud noise.  Now?  He's just like an old friend that whenever he's at work, I'd want to stay close.  However, I do not understand why he cannot work by himself but needs Mommy to pull him along???

Me watching, making sure Mommy and Mr. Vacuum are doing a good job of keeping the tiles clean for me to trot on :)

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30 December 2010

B & B

B & B = Bed & Breakfast?  WRONG.

It's Beds & Beds

Those are ALL my beds.  1, 2, and 3 and 4.  The 4th one is the one right at the bottom, the biggest one where my hoomans also sleep on. \(^_^)/

Don't look at me cos I ain't the one who bought them.  But I luurve rubbing and rolling in them. Big or small. Oh yeah!

21 December 2010

Merry Furry Christmas 2010

Wishing All Furriends A Merry Furry Christmas!!

I did not actually wear any of the Christmas hats! Can you believe it?! ^_^
Read from Honey The Great Dane's bloggie that there's this very cool website (www.pikipimp.com) which lets us add lots of items to photos! Do check it out!

15 December 2010

Puppy Me

This cute lil' pup was ME! At 3.5 months old. 

It was my first or second day Mommy and Daddy brought me home ^_^

14 December 2010

Which One To Choose?

Weird!  Mommy say that I'm getting old and this thing called 'pre' something (Mommy: "It's Presbyopiaa condition where the eye exhibits a progressively diminished ability to focus on near objects with age) will be looking for me soon enough so she's getting me prepared in advance.  But, but...I still feel so very young!

Anyway just so that Mommy does not keep bothering me with this 'pre' thing, I'll just get ready a pair of glasses.  But I cannot decide which frame to choose! Help me please?

 A? (studious-looking)

 B? (looks like moi going for a swim)

 or C? (be comical)

27 November 2010

Body Cooler

The thing I'm lying sleeping comfortably on is actually a kind of seat 'cushion' made of bamboo pieces. The pieces are threaded together with gaps in between and forming a seat 'cushion' enough to sit an average size human butt.  The mat is very cooling as the bamboo pieces do not trap heat like a normal pillowy cushion does.

When my parents first got this cushion home and placed it on Daddy's my favourite place on the sofa, I totally freaked out and avoided that place. You see, I am scared of lots of new and strange or unfamiliar things.  But Daddy needs to use this bamboo cushion cos his butt generates heat like no one's business so Mommy kept telling me that this cushion is harmless and slowly encouraged me to get near it and finally I got on top of it! Hey! It is simply marvelous and I lurrve it! So now I just make myself comfy on it anytime I want when Daddy's butt is not on it. Sometimes even when Daddy just left the cushion for a short moment, I'd claim the spot as mine and he'll let me be. ^_^

Leg Warmer

Where, where's the leg warmer?

               What? Who? Me?!

Note from Mommy:
I do not know when or how it started. But Bowie just likes to make himself comfy just like what you see in the pictures. Even when I put my legs together not wanting him to come in between, he will still squeeze his way in with his tiny skinny legs!  But he really does warm my legs on cooler days/nights LOL!  But the fur can also be ticklish at times -_-

25 November 2010

Meisure My Height

Hey Mommy! Help me measure my height pleeaze?

     Maybe if I tilt my chin up it'll help me gain some extra inches! So, I wonder if I've grown any taller?

    You done Mommy? I'm tired standing like this!

Hot Spots 2 - No Longer Hot

Above shows 3rd day after vet visit and just shaven (left pic), and 5th day of hot spots (right pic).

10th day! All scabs now waiting to fall off (or slowly peeled off by itchy-hand Mommy).

23 November 2010

Hump-xercise Is Foot-licious

Digged up some old photos which I think were not posted before.

Hump-xercise sequence:

Ride on leg:

Start humping! At this point I would be scolded and told to get off.

But I would not give up and would try to grab da leg (like a Koala Bear) to lick:

22 November 2010

How To Perform CPR On Your Dog

Saw this video teaching how to perform CPR on dog at The World According To Lexi.  I think it is very good and hence posting it here too (taken from youtube):

Hope you can also post the video on your blogs and let more people see it.

18 November 2010

I Do Not Want To Bathe

Dear Mommy,

If you think that I am a bad boy for wanting to run away from baths, watch this!

Mine is just a small case compared to the Chow Chow in the video!!

Holiday Giveaway Hop For Pets

Dear Furriends,

Some 62 blogs are participating in this awesome "Holiday Giveaway Hop For Pets" event.  Bella The Westie is one of them (psst...they are giving away to the lucky winner a copy of their awesome book "Paw Steps to Happiness").   Hop over there right now to enter the giveaway.  Hurry! It's for a limited period only.

The links to other participating blogs can also be found at Bella's.  

Hot Spots 2 Continued

5th day of hot spots.  Almost all dried up, hooray!

Today also my grooming day. My groomer Aunty Janet comes to our house. She's what we call a Home Groomer.

After grooming; Do I look neat and handsome? ^_^

Trying hard to keep my eyelids opened. Me mentally tired after going through my much hated grooming session. 

Not that I dislike Aunt Janet. I adore her! She always gives me little biscuits during and after the grooming.  She has been very gentle with me and both she and Mommy commented that I have improved TREMENDOUSLY since my very first session with her way back in March 2006. I was moving everywhere on the grooming table; pulled back my arms and legs when my nails were being trimmed etc.  I just HATE grooming per se. Period.

So I thought I should show Mommy this sulky face as a protest! Humph!

16 November 2010

Hot Spots 2

Erm... ... not hot spots for wi-fi okay??!

What rotten luck! I've got these yucky hot spots again! The last time was last year. Mommy detected the 1st spot 2 days ago, she felt something lumpy and then something wet when she touched my back. Quickly rang the vet but the earliest appointment we could be fixed for was this morning. So we off we went to the vet first thing in the morning. Again I needed to be shaved at the affected area:

Of course we can't expect a good styling. Most important is to have the area air out to dry.

Note from Mommy: Bowie screamed a little when those hairs that got stuck with the dried pus was shaved over. My heart was also in pain :'(  I was holding him down but my eyes were shut and my knees were shaking, no kidding.  Luckily Daddy was also there helping us.

My tail has to be bandaged as it is constantly swiping over the wounds.

Resting after antibiotics medicine plus an injection given to stop itchiness, lest I lick at the wound. I can't be put on the 'lamp shade' thingy as that thingy stresses me out!

Sleeping behind the sofa. Mommy watches me like a hawk!

Sleeping against Mommy, yeah!

Wish the yuckies will quickly heal and my nice fur growing back. So f**king ugly now!

28 October 2010

Wake Up

Bear-Bear: "Hey! Wake up Bowie! Let's Play!"


New Bed

New bed, for real this time!

"Hey Mom, I think this bed is kinda ... too small for me! But it's just nice when I curl up though."


27 July 2010

Meal Time II

Refer here for Meal Time I.

Lifting up left paw in anticipation!

Close-up: looking intently at my bowl, ready to attack :)  Ooh, pardon my messy hair!

Focusing on my kibbles, waiting for Mommy's okay command (note: Mommy not ill-treating me with this miserable amount of kibbles; she merely giving me in many small amounts so as to let me eat slower :P).

See? So fast I cleaned up the bowl!!

Mommy....! No more!

16 July 2010

Robin Hood

Mommy, do I look like Robin Hood?

Mommy: "LOL Bowie! Wearing a green hood does not make you Robin Hood. Em..okie, why not be Robin Hood's lil' assistant for now?"

Not believing Mommy, I googled and found that indeed I don't look like one :(  This dude looks more like one:

(source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Wishbone_Robin_Hood.jpg)

Sleep Baby Sleep