29 July 2013

Personal Pillow

My personal L-shaped pillow.
Ergonomically designed - the L-shape can be adjusted into a 'V' if I wanted.
It can be used anytime, anywhere around the house... just like any other pillow!

27 July 2013

Play Dead?

I decided to sleep just there, right in the middle of the room's walkway nowhere.
The pics do look like I had dropped played dead or fainted, don't they? BOL

25 July 2013


Thinking of ... ...
 ... this and that ... ...

OMD! My tiny brain cannot take it!
Thinking is such a strenuous task, I need some power naps to recharge my brain cells!

16 July 2013


If there's one thing I lack (ok, ok... ... I know I'm lacking in LOTS of things), it is patience!

Butt, there is always an exception.

When I have my meals, Mom will not dump the whole portion of kibbles into my bowl at one go.

  1. so that I eat slower; and
  2. so that she can make me drink 100ML of water (divided into few additions) with the kibbles (to make sure I have enough water intake).

In between my kibbles+water additions, she likes to walk away to do her stuff.  Butt I eat rather fast, finishing my food before she comes back.

So this is what I usually do:
... wait patiently and POLITELY for top-ups...

15 July 2013

My Chaise Lounge

My personal chaise lounge. oh yeah.
It's ergonomically design. Soft and comfortable.
Arm rest fully adjustable.

10 July 2013

Facial Expressions

Sleepy face

Stoned or blank face

Happy smiley face

Shocked face (for instance, when i heard that we'd run out of treats!!!)

What's-happening face

Wordless Wednesday - Wipe Down After Walk

04 July 2013

Bite Scare

Late last month, in June, mommy and daddy took the air-lo-plane and flew off for a week.  I went for my boarding vacation as well.  I had been on vacation there before but for short stay of 1 night and daycare. This was the first time I would be there for a week.

It's a great place and I love it.  I especially love their sofa and would monopolise it not allowing other doggie-vacationers to occupy it!

The owner (Aunt S) would update mommy with pics and vids of me many times a day and mommy loves it.

Suddenly in the middle of their trip one day, mom received a text saying "something important to update you"... immediately mom's knees went wobbly.  Obviously it involved me and mom started imagining the worst!

She was then told I had a tuff with another dog during my walkie and I suffered a small hole at the back of my head.
While it wasn't life threatening, any bite wound is best checked out at the vet.  Mommy said YES PLEASE.  And so I was whisked off to the vet and thoroughly checked for any 'hidden' wounds.  Luckily it was only 1 small hole.  Antibiotics and cleaning solution prescribed and back to home my resort I went.

Mommy thought I was attacked by another dog.  Turned out I was the initiator culprit!  It was a Husky (mom heard Husky and nearly fainted!) that I'd met a few times prior to the incident.  Perhaps I got out from the wrong side of bed that morning, I just decided to attack Husky when we met that day. So Husky was just being defensive.  IF he/she was the attacker, I'd probably be dead by now.

... after coming back from the vet... tiredness crept in...

... the following day...

Few days later on the day I was to go back home:

... after bath...

...charging battery while waiting for mom...

Where's My Shirt

(note: I'm not supposed to jump due to torn ligament)
... still naked...