05 July 2008

Fetching Raffy

For those who don't already know Raffy, he is my GIANT toy (about as big as me!). Can you imagine me holding Raffy in my cute little mouth? ... plus running with it???  It's okie if you can't cos I've got here a video clip! :)


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Newspapers and I (Part 2)

This post I shall continue to elaborate on my weird interest on the newspapers (please refer my other post on "Newspapers and I") to have a clearer picture before reading on.  :)

So, Mommy spread open the newspapers:
Wondering why there's no sign of ME???? That's because I was away from the scene fetching my Bear-Bear!! LOL!

Here I come!

After bringing Bear-Bear to the newspapers, I drop it and wait. Wait for what? Wait for Mommy to snatch it and throw it so we can play fetch! But I don't usually let Mommy snatch Bear-Bear so easily as I will play tug-of-war with her first heeheeheeee... though most of the time I lose to Mommy :'(

 I waited...
 I waited and waited but there was no action from Mommy. She was busy taking pictures! Duh!