19 February 2013

Counting Problem

Some days of the week, Mom goes crazy. 

She stands facing the TV and copies the movements of the people in the TV, flinging her arms and legs.  I can hear from the TV, "1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8"...."2, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8".  Them ladies do not know how to count, always repeating the same numbers and recounting from 8.


16 February 2013

Daily Walk

This is the neighborhood park that I go to every day for my walkie, usually around 9am on weekdays (earlier on weekends), since we shifted here last Sep :

We would see some elderly folks doing morning exercise*, adults going off for work and kids going to school.

*There are some exercise machines/equipments at one end of the park (not in the photos) where Mom usually avoids. Why? Coz I might bark at the people flinging their arms/legs on those equipments!

I was asked to stop to have a photo taken.  That blue thing in front of me was my poo bag to be discarded on our way home.

09 February 2013


Mom was hanging laundry (see the green basket on the table?).  I kept her company though I couldn't be of  any  much help.

 I just made sure my presence was felt.

08 February 2013


I was not so thrilled but I could hear Mom exclaiming "oh so cute, so cuuuute!" after she put them on me.

    See? I wasn't smiling for the camera.

    I refused to look at the camera.

   I even showed my bum to the camera!
   The front pair came off after a couple of rolls in my bed huh huh...

    I wanted to complain to Daddy when he came home. *waiting*

But Daddy also went "oh so cute!". 

04 February 2013

Pillow Sharing

Let's have a raise of hands paws, how many of you are guilty fond of doing this too? (^_^)

02 February 2013

Yet Another Torture

Introducing.......... *drum rolls*

Teeth-brushing torture!



   *After*  Dazed!

01 February 2013