21 December 2016

Almost Wordless Wednesday - Bad Hair Day

You don't need no hair gel to make those hair pikes.

Just roll and rub your head around your bed.

Make sure to do it on soft surfaces.

18 December 2016

Brunch Outing

On the way in the cab.

Al fresco seating for peeps with dogs.

Begging for peeps' food which didn't work.  Butt I got my own doggy treats.

Drooling over peeps' food.

Exploring the compound which is a park.

16 December 2016

Four Times A Week

My 'toothbrush' is my air dried deer sinew chew treat.

Mom would give me the sinew, then leave me to enjoy it by myself. Often she would come and check on me, only to find that I had actually finished the chew in record time and sitting there quietly, patiently ... hoping for more.

Mom just discovered that I sit like a lizard viewing from top! Yikes!

15 December 2016


Want TBuy ?
What The Bed ?

And did MOM learn her lesson??


She got me another bed!! BOL

It comes with a matching bone pillow! I was running off with it to play!

Ok, ok, so I did go up to the $89 bed.  Only to play with my new pillow BOL

Psst...psst... I did actually go up to sleep on it when mom wasn't looking whoahaha

10 December 2016



What can I say? The camera couldn't keep up with me, not my fault.

09 December 2016


OH MY! Look at those bushy thigh furs! BOL

08 December 2016

Drop Something Please

It cannot get any more obvious what I want.  

C'mon WOMAN, drop something, anything... so long as it's from that plate!
Don't make me climb onto the table to help myself!

07 December 2016

Tongue Out Wednesday

These pics were taken after my furs got stolen.

NO TREATS involved!

I am such a good boy to even pose for pics after what I went through.


03 December 2016

I Did It Again

Guess I overdid it with the alcohol again.
Mom, why are you spinning????

29 November 2016

Sticking Like Glue

See how I was glued to mom? We were Twin Couch Potatoes.

28 November 2016

Food Detective

Result: Mom did share with me, oh yeah!

By the way, this is the Jackfruit packaging that I did not manage to get a photo of before:

The individual seeds of the Jackfruit are packaged into portions to sell instead of having to buy one big gigantic Jackfruit home.

Photo taken from internet to show you guys how big the whole Jackfruit is.

Cross-section. The seeds can be boiled and eaten after peeling off the brownish skin. They are tasteless, kind of like potato.

27 November 2016

Hangover Sunday

I guess I party too hard last night! I can't get out of bed.

26 November 2016

ZZZZZZZZZ October 2016

   This tee here says "Devil Dog" BOL

   I woke up just as mom clicked the camera shutter. Notice that my 'moustache' is lop-sided after lying on my left cheek.