05 November 2014

31 October 2014

Happy Halloween 2014

... not that we celebrate it; some commercial establishments do catch up with it (for the money) but it is not commonly celebrated in this part of the world where we live.

So no costume. Just stickers BOL...

And for some humor:

25 October 2014

Spot the Difference

(above pic taken in May 2013)

(above pic taken in Oct 2014)

I call them my napping buddy.  The red one is a new buddy, it makes more merry and musical sounds than the old silver one.  I was sniffing it when it just arrived and resting by itself when suddenly it sang some song and became ALIVE and started moving!! Scared da hell outta me, I tell ya! But now we napz together.

29 August 2014

My Donut Bed

It fits me just nice...

...coz I like to bury my face like this...

...Or, just to hold my neck like this...or let the leg hanging...

...so I can stare into the space and daydream.

28 August 2014

Silky Terrier

I am a Silky Terror Terrier.
SILKY??  silky my A**!

Curly and shaggy more likely.

(those are my thigh)

22 August 2014

Fair Deal

Mommy let me lay against her big fat leg, and I allow her to use my back as her little table.

18 August 2014

Deep In Thought

Do not ask me what I was thinking about.
I do not know it myself BOL.

Did you notice my "cute little tongue" (that's what mommy calls it when the tip of my tongue hangs outside my lips)?? 

16 August 2014

Stare Down

Cat-Cat was so scared of MY stare he backed off!

Yay!! I won!

15 August 2014


Mommy wants me to share this as it is simply incredible!:

Next up: "Awkward Places To Snuggle"

Enjoy your weekends!

14 August 2014

Mommy's Fave Pose

.... of me is me sitting cute like this:

*whispering* In fact I was just getting ready to scratch! BOL!!

08 August 2014


Silly Mommy took some selfies of us.

I cropped her face off because she didn't have make-up on. *evil laugh*

Stealing a kiss.

Almost forgot to look at camera.

07 August 2014

Musing @Balcony

"OMD, what is that over there?"

"Hmm...what is that guy doing, i wonder..."

"aaah...that woman is digging her nose and thought no one's looking. I AM watching!"

"Let me see is there any more interesting happenings over here....nope!"

"Ah ha! I see an ant here!"

19 July 2014

Wakey Wakey

I had just woken up from my afternoon nap...

(stretching my back and butt)

(now stretching my arms)

(moving off the bed)

18 July 2014

Flashback Friday

Once apaw a time, 

when I looked like a mouse (complete with a mouse tail)...

... ... also looking like a feather duster ... ... 

... ... and had a spunky hairstyle ... ...

(the above on the day I became a new family member of my furever home)


Help.....! I am NOT part of the laundry!!!!!

16 July 2014

Sexy Look

I swear! It wasn't my intention to look this sexy. Butt efurry time it sure happens after a rigorous rolling in da bed. I just do not understand how.

04 July 2014

Just For Laughs

TGIF TDIF furriends! Happy Weekends!!