29 March 2013

While Mommy Was Out

 I watched tv.

I surfed the net.

Then I did some toe-licking as I got bored. 

zzzzzzzzz for a bit.

Then I woke up and stared blankly.

some more toe and foot licking.

I could not stand it anymore! i MISS my mommy!

26 March 2013

25 March 2013

New Sleeping Location

Can you guess where it is??

2 of me??

Answer: It is the bay window ledge with granite top!

Such a refreshing nap!
I love it as it is cooling. When I nap there, I'd be down only for toilet and water breaks. Then I'd request to be carried up there again to continue with my nap (^_^).

16 March 2013

Using Front Carrier

After we shifted to our current house last Sep, we are now about 0.5 mile (800 metres) walking distance from my maternal grandma's house.   Even so, I hardly get to go over because my

In my last post, I mentioned about Mom having bought the front carrier for many years but not yet used.  Last week, the opportunity to use it was finally here.

Aunt (mom's sis) who is staying with grandpawrents was on business trip so Mommy had to go over to help with some household chores [my grandpawrents are already in their 70s-80s with some immobility and they are not that comfortable around dogs.  My silly barking-at-people makes matters worse :(  ].  She didn't want to leave me alone at home because our next-door-neighbour is doing some renovations.  Alone at home with my separation anxiety PLUS the noise from next door, Mommy does not even want to think about it! She'd rather bring me along. Once there, I would need to rest (after the walk) anyway so she put me in my crate that she had brought over before (so I couldn't go around bothering my grandpawrents).

And so in the morning at my usual walkie time, Mommy and I would walk over to grandpawrents'.  But by the time we would go home, the sun would already be rather hot and Mommy worried that my paws might be cooked on the hot asphalt.  Don't forget, the weather over here is hot and humid! So it was time for the front carrier to be useful, finally.

Look! It was so bright and sunny!

 As you can see from the photos, Mommy hung me by her shoulder like a tote bag. 

She prefers not to 'hang' me in front at her chest like this as she thinks that being upright is not good for our spine.  But carrying me (about 16 lbs or 7.3 kg) on 1 shoulder is not an easy task for her so she would only 'hang' me in front when we were nearing home.

The back of her t-shirt was always wet from sweat every time we reached home using this carrier BOL!

psst...! Mommy said she might consider getting the Pawz Natural Rubber Dog Boots fur me. Then I can walk rain or shine and she would not be so sweaty carrying me heehee!

15 March 2013

Baby ...?

... Or Dog? Which am I??

There's this front carrier for human pups. (Image taken from www.kaboodle.com)

Then thanks to some genius, similar idea gave birth to front carrier for dogs. (Image taken from www.etsy.com)

Some carriers made to resemble a handbag or sling bag!! *gasp*
(image taken from www.4-legged.com)

This is ME in the picture, not some dog-model taken from some website!

And yes! Like the above picture with pink carrier, I can be carried like a bag if Mommy wanted to.  By the way, my feet were off ground as Mommy actually lifted me up :(

Mommy has bought the carrier for many years (7.5 years to be exact!!) but have not actually used on me except for trying out.  She bought it thinking we might just need it one day.  That ONE DAY had actually came last week.  See my next post for more story...

12 March 2013

Fetching My Bear

(behind the scene: I was running from the hallway into the living room towards the camerawoman)

Resting while posing for a job-accomplished photo.

01 March 2013

Laser Eyes

I gave Mommy permission to write an entry today.

"I was watching TV one day in the afternoon when I looked out to the balcony and saw this:

I had to double-check that it was not his reflection on the glass door. Yes! Bowie was staring at me from our balcony (looking through the glass door)! This was the first time he did it and I thought it was kind of funny.  

After a while, he came inside.

Hopped onto the sofa and slept next to me (^_^).

[Note: I know that during the day due to the bright sun, if we looked inside from the balcony, we see mostly just reflections on the glass door and have to stare hard to see through inside.  We tested it out with Bowie and found that he can actually see us (waving to him) whenever he's in the balcony and we are at the other side of the glass door.  Maybe dogs have laser eyes.]"