22 May 2017

Happy Barkday To ME

I am 14 years old! OMD that's 72 in human years!!!!

I had to wait for the Oh-my-let to cool down. 
In this photo, mom was holding with one hand the Oh-my-let over her head to let the ceiling fan do the cooling work. The other hand was busy snapping blurry picture of me bwahaha

The oh-my-let got my 5/5 Paws Approval!
I was already barking for it while it was still cooking in the pan!!!

All cut up ready for serving to me!
*woof woof woof in the background*

I was 'forced' to sit down to wait for a snapshot!! GRRRRR

Let the chomping begin!

Nom nom nom... Nom nom nom...

I am wearing my new top, isn't it cute???

Emptied the bowl in seconds.

Checking for crumbs.

I am UNCLE Bowie, 72 years old remember? 
Expanded too much energy chowing down those oh-my-let, time to hit the pillow floor.