30 May 2012

Wordy Wednesday - Demon Dog

A new tank top bought in November 2011 from Osaka, Japan during my peeps' holidays.  For about USD12-13 (1,000 Yen).

It says "Demon Dog".  Describing me? BOL....

Daddy says it is 'inspired' from anime "Dragon Ballz" but dunno which character as we're not familiar with it (but lots of purple clothed characters!):

Bought from a stall, but Mommy found out only later that they actually have a website (price more expensive though).  Below are some of the tank top designs they have, aren't they cute??  Mommy bought only one worried that it might not fit me.  Well turned out it fits nicely albeit a bit short.

22 May 2012

Happy 9th Barkday And New Home

Today, 22 May 2012, is my 9th barkday!

6 years ago, at 3 years old:

This year at 9 years old:

I think I still look the same except for lighter fur color.  But Mommy thinks it may not be totally due to age because Silkies tend to have coat color changes.  We are born black, then our coat changes to gray/tan/silver as we become adults.

4 months old:

1 year old:

Back to today.  Nope, there won't be any barkday pawty, barkday cake.  I will only get extra treats, more hugs and that's about all! WHY??!

Here's why, furriends.  Lately I have also been wondering why Mommy have not been helping me much with my blogging and photo-taking.  She told me last night.  She said 3 years ago, she and Daddy made a big decision on something. 

They purchased a unit of apartments here!!
(Photo is artist's impressions only.  2 blocks in front are 42 storeys, 3 blocks at the back are 40 storeys, centre is multi-storey carpark.)

Our block is where the arrow is pointing:

The living hall and balcony:

The Master Bedroom: 

Mommy showed me these photos and I was drooling away.  But she said those are just photos of the showflat (where developers dress up the rooms nicely to entice buyers to buy), ours will NOT look like this. BOL all my drools for nothing!

And so, the whole construction took 3 whole years; it's just been completed last month.  We will be getting our keys next month! That is why, Mommy has been spending most of her time planning for the new apartment.  Not only that, we will have to start advertising/selling our current apartment too.  So Mommy has on her hands 2 BIG projects BOL.  

She promised me that she'll make it up to me on my 10th Barkday next year, at our new house!  Seeing that she has real valid reasons this time, I shall believe her for now.

Therefore furriends, I am still reading your posts.  Will update you all again regarding our new apartment after we've moved (maybe in 3-4 months' time).

14 May 2012

Mother's Day 2012

A little white packaged gift for Mom?

That was ME!

Yup, I wanted to be Mom's lil' laundry assistant.
But seeing those heaps of laundry, I just had to roll on them first!

Okie dokie.  Where shall we start, Mom?

Mommy: "Bowie, that is a laundry net on your head. It is meant for the laundry, you silly!"

Oh really?  
I thought since Chefs have those chef hats, there should be one for Laundry Helper too. No?
What the heck, let's just pretend it IS a Laundry Helper's Hat shall we?