29 October 2011

Miracle Dog

The Miracle Dog who survived gas chamber!

"A stray 5-year-old Beagle was put into a gas chamber earlier this month to be euthanized with several other dogs at a shelter in Florence, Ala.

After the 17-minute gassing cycle, animal control officer Cody Berry opened the chamber door … and out walked the Beagle, wagging his tail."   Read more here.
The Miracle Beagle, Daniel's Facebook page here.
A wonderful story (though partly sad as many were not as lucky) to start the weekend. 
Pee-S: Sorry for the lack of posts recently.  Mom's been busy (read: lazy!).

13 October 2011

Pink Ribbon


Ok, ok... I know the bandanna is not exactly pink but it's the next best thing I have.  And Mom I have tried my best tying it like the shape of pink ribbon.  I have short arms ya know!

06 October 2011

Dinner Is Served

...and dinner is served when the pre-dinner excitement is over.

Have you had your dinner yet, my furiends?

03 October 2011

Little Enhancement

Mommy was eyeing the below tall bowl cum stand.  There are several bright colors available:

Butt as always, nice things involve international shipping & that means it'll cost a bomb!
So that's when Mommy looks for cheap cheaper alternatives.

Inverted empty ice cream tub.  A bit wobbly but who cares.

The slimmer red tub is of better height butt risks toppling over when I become berserk overly excited if the meal comes with wet food!  So that's when the white square one has to be used as it's more stable.  

Erm...what is this then?
   *yeah that's my nosey nose there on the right*
It actually a plastic basin for washing face, for kids!  Mom got it from a $2 store (that's about USD1.50).

It is for....?
 Heightening my water bowl!