15 September 2016

Throw Back Thursday - I Have Grown

I could lie down comfortably then, at 3 months young.

Now at 13 years young, the same basin (yes! same one!) but I am in my NEW size.

08 September 2016

I've Got Delivery

Yay! Yay! Yay!

Of course I would have to check it out.
So, without further thought, I rushed into the entrance hall.

i wonder what it contains??


*sniff sniff sniff*

oh no...! I got stuck again...! HELLL...PP!!

recap: stuck at this same place before

06 September 2016

Snoopervisor At Work

I walked by and saw mom sorting out our dirty laundry (to be washed).

So I decided to take on the role of Snoopervisor to make sure that she did the sorting correctly.

Yes, yes, that's correct. 

On second thought, this is rather boring .....

*the sleepy bug started to crawl in*

*eyelids getting heavier and heavier....*

*finally the snoopervisor couldn't take it anymore!*

Butt, Snoopervisor's head suddenly sprang up!
"Yeah you better take extra care with MY clothes, Slave!"

Those are my special laundry drying space BOL
(we do not own nor use the dryer)

05 September 2016

Thief In The House

We were burglarised about 2 weeks ago.

My precious curly FURS were STOLEN!!!

And to think that MY Mom was the accomplice!! hmph!
SHE was the one who let the burglar enter MY house without MY permission!

So there, the burglar, openly stole my furs. Complete with all her burglary tools.
What the nerve!

I will forgive mom if you think that I still look handsome with all those furs stolen:

01 September 2016

Abs and Obliques Exercise

I do abs and obliques exercises all the time, my favourite!

Take my advice furriends, you need to do this every once in a while (best everyday) to keep in shape else the hoomans start cutting your treats, your diet, and every foodables you can think of!

This move strengthens your neck while keeping those "tyres" around the neck at bay.
Do this for 20 secs:

Then rest for 10 secs:

Then do this move (alternate lifting of your knee to the side) which strengthens your core and obliques for 20 secs:

Rest again for 10 secs.  OR,

you can snoopervise your hooman see what he/she is doing: 

Do the above for 3 sets.

Finally, cool down and rest.