23 April 2015

Sleepy Or Not

I am not sleepy. 

I am not sleepy. zzzzzzzz

I am .... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

22 April 2015


"you have some gossip stories to share with me?"

"wh..what?!! oh my dawg...is that true???!"

15 April 2015

New Doga Pose

The Neck-Bend LICK:
this pose is useful when your target is up above your head behind you.

  • Tilt your head backwards and stick out your tongue at the same time.
  • Plant your tongue on your target and count to 5 (or as long as you can hold).
  • Finally keep your tongue and put your head back to its normal position.

for your body, keep it either in a lying or upright position.

14 April 2015

Veggies Are Good Fur You

Green Beans!! nom...nom...nom...

More please.