05 December 2018

Oncept Vaccine #4

Got my last jab on 30 November. Unfortunately, there was also another lump that grew at (or very near to) the previous sites - all localised at LEFT UPPER side. So in the same session, I got my #3 lump removal surgery + the jab.

Warning: Graphic content below showing my mouth under surgery (left upper inner cheek)😅

   That day after going home... lots of sleep and sleep. I didn't want to eat for 2 whole days, excluding surgery day, which makes it total of 3 days without food! Only drank water.

I'll be doing a second round of 4 (booster) jabs of the same Oncept vaccine. Placed order for them, hopefully this time they'll arrive on time!

   Me, on 28 November.

05 November 2018

Still Gluttony

Despite all that's happening with me (cancer, dementia, etc), nothing can deter me from trying to get food! BOL

I have trouble getting up or stabilizing my position due to weakened hind legs. Front legs also getting weaker therefore ... 😅

04 November 2018

Doggy Dementia Got Me

Confusion, disorientation, dogzheimers. Call it what you will, but canine dementia (known clinically as canine cognitive dysfunction) cause dogs to show many of the same symptoms just like humans: 

(👈 means applicable to me):

  • Sleep-wake cycle disturbances 👈 (recently I would wake up middle of night and pace)
  • Generalized anxiety 
  • Lower threshold for aggression
  • Decreased activity levels 👈
  • Inappropriate vocalization (howling, barking or whining)
  • Repetitive behaviors (pacing) 👈 pacing + circling
  • Elimination disorders 👈 (more like I forget where to pee)
  • Staring at walls 👈 (I don't stare at walls but most times I am like stand frozen and stare at the floor. Mom has to help snap me out of it).
  • Fewer social interactions
  • Disorientation (getting “lost” in the house) 👈 (more like getting stuck at places, not really "lost". Now my brain is set to turn only in 1 direction eg. to the right, so even though there's plenty of space on my left side and a wall immediately on my right, I don't know how to proceed because I can't turn!).
(source of above from here).

03 November 2018

Oncept Vaccine #2

2 down, 2 more to go. So far so good *keeping all paws crossed*

20 October 2018

Oncept Vaccine #1

So here it is:

This was yesterday, 19 Oct. 

Three more 💉 jabs to go. Every 2 weeks. 

29 September 2018