30 May 2014

The Sleep Master

My dad always tells mom who often has difficulty falling asleep that she needs to learn from The Master *ahem! pointing to me*

Because I can sleep anywhere, anytime, anyhow.

Maybe I should conduct some sleeping classes BOL.

24 May 2014

Cannot Find

"Mom, I can't find my Dog-Dog!"

I still couldn't find my Dog-Dog after a few days! Gave up. 

22 May 2014

This Silky Turns 11 Today!

Happy Barkday to Me!

Firstly, let's go down the memory lane from Pupkid to 10th birthdays;
(certain years no celebration so those photos were from dates near my birthday that year).

 About 4 months old (Mom & Dad just had me for 12 days):

1 yr old (no celebration):
so untidy!

much better! My coat color has turned lighter by this time, which is normal for Silky Terriers. However, I have curly wavy fur, not straight and silky like a "standard" Silky. That is why I look messy with long coat. But I get to save on hair-perming BOL.

2 yr old: 

3 yr old (no celebration): 

4 yr old:

5 yr old (no celebration):

6 yr old:

7 yr old (no celebration):

8 yr old (no celebration again):

9 yr old (no celebration again and again):

10 yr old:

This year, 11 years old!! Photos were taken yesterday.

{Purple Sweet Potato & Oatmeal Pupcake}

I am wearing purple to match the pupcake color BOL

Made from human ingredients safe for furkids, mom had one pupcake and said it tasted yucky not so delicious.  Good! So I can have 'em all for myself (mom made 6).

Well, furriends....how have I changed if at all?

20 May 2014

Teeth Cleaning

When it's time for the much dreaded teeth cleaning, my body language tells it all:

Pee-S: Mom uses sterile gauze bought from human pharmacy to clean my teeth instead of toothbrush. She said she can feel my teeth/gum better than toothbrush.  Well, i hate the toothbrush but that doesn't mean i approve of the gauze either!!

19 May 2014

Daily Treat

must have patience (waiting for THE time to come)

yes it's time! staring at IT.

munching IT.

stare and wait again.

... and the whole cycle continues day after day at the SAME TIME of the day...
(but Mom complains that the TIME i started to give the 'waiting-look' has come earlier and earlier; something about my clock being spoilt)...

18 May 2014

Open Sesame

"Aha! SomeONE left the (balcony) door open! Open Sesame!"

"Let me see if my head can go through."

"Hee..no problem. My body can pass through as well!"

....{after some time}

"Time to go back in. Uh oh! The door opening seems smaller!"

"What should I do??"

"Mommy! Glad to see you!"

"Pleaze open the door wider for me....pleeze?"

"Phew! Thank you Mommy!"