19 March 2011

Help Animals In Japan

Please help in anyway you can!

The earthquake and tsunami in Japan has been devastating to both people and animals. World Vets is providing aid to help them.  While thousand are fleeing Japan, World Vets is on the ground getting to the animals that need help. Donations are urgently needed.

World Vets  is a 501 c 3 nonprofit organization and all donations are tax deductible (for US residents).  

I have just stolen borrowed my mom's credit card and donated!

09 March 2011

Is This My Tooth...Mystery Solved

 My Mommy apologises for raising a false alarm! *ahem*

Earlier today while doing laundry, she noticed a clothes hanger with a small section having broken (plastic? PVC?) coating layer.  It is of the same ivory color! Moreover the inside layer is also reddish color (which looks like gum color!).

BLUR Mom!! She did not give up, kept checking my mouth in order to confirm whether or not it was my tooth!! Now I can finally have peace and keep my mouth shut.

07 March 2011

Is This My Tooth?

Or I should say what's left of it......?! 

Mommy dearest found it on her bed.  She checked my mouth (with my utmost unwillingness to co-operate of course :P) but just could not seem to find anything missing!!  If any of you friends can make out just which tooth it might be, please drop my Mom a note? Thanks!

Pee-S: I have been eating per normal and nothing seems to be bothering me.