28 October 2013

Reading Newspapers

No, I do not read the world news.  I just want to check out where the good yummies are.

Pee-S:  the newspapers are recycled as my toilet tray's lining.

26 October 2013

My Dear Benny

My Dear Benny,

We were so very sad as we read about your departure to the Rainbow Bridge.
You have been one of my favorite bloggie-furriends even though we did not have the chance to meet in pawson.
Do know that you had indeed Fight like a Frenchie, touched many hearts and loved by so many hoomans and furriends all over the world.

See you later, Benny.  You shall be missed so much!

To Benny-Mom and Lily,
Please stay strong for Benny.  He'll want to know that you guys are doing well.

May 27, 2007 -October 24, 2013

25 October 2013

Jaw Exercise

Tool needed: 1 Nylabone.

Sniff sniff

Hold it with your paws

Chew on right side of teeth

Switch side

 Take a break

Get ready for next round of exercise

24 October 2013

Yoga Mat

What you mean this is a yoga / exercise mat??

It makes such a nice, comfy sleeping mat.


Pleeease.... can't I sleep on it?

22 October 2013

Wise Men Look-alike

Think I'm missing a headgear and a stick.  Oh, and some beard.