08 August 2018

Ballet Legs

yup, mi wearing diapers (belly wrap style) in the above pic 😜

07 August 2018

My Daily Routine Nowadays

Besides my morning walks,

the rest can be summed up below:

Sleeping anywhere my legs bring me:

06 August 2018

Pathology Report Out

Got the BAD news last Thursday - it's malignant (oral melanoma) 😭

"They are typically highly invasive and have a high rate of metastasis to regional lymph nodes and distant sites such as the lungs....". When they reach the lungs, that's it.

My options:

  1. Do a CT scan to assess whether the cancer has spread to my jaw bones and surrounding area - if yes, then aggresive and invasive surgery which involves removal of jaw bones 😱;
  2. Chemotherapy - 1 session every 3 weeks for 5 sessions; or
  3. Immunotherapy (Oncept Melanoma Vaccine) - initial 4 dose series, once every 2 weeks. Thereafter, 1 booster vaccine every 6 months. 
Even if we choose option 1, it will not mean end of story after the surgery. This fucking (pardon my language!) cancer almost always come back and then you keep cutting and cutting till the face is deformed 😱😱😭 

  • Surgery: CT scan alone is SGD1.5K approx. USD1.1K. Surgery cost unknown.
  • Chemo 5 sessions: SGD2.5K approx. USD1.8+K
  • Vaccine initial 4 doses: SGD2.7K approx. USD1.9+K 

My hoomans have decided to go with option 3, the vaccine. And, surgery only as and when necessary when the tumor/s grow again. Since everything is unknown, it is almost like a gamble no matter which option I go with. Given my seniority, enlarged heart and collapsed trachea, they do not want to put me through the scary aggresive surgery. At the moment, my lymph nodes are normal and lungs are clear (per x-ray done 22 July). So, mom and dad wants me to enjoy myself while I can and be comfortable.

The vaccine (by Merial) has to be ordered from USA submitting my information etc. It'll take 1.5 months to reach here (Singapore)!! Talk about saving lives, why does it take soooooo loooooonnngggg?????

Meanwhile, life goes on as usual though I notice the extra hugs and kisses BOL