26 October 2015

Dreamy Look

Mom says that I have this dreamy blur look whenever I wake up from a long nice sleep.

24 October 2015

Look How I Sleep

Mom said that recently I have some weird way of sleeping.

Put up your paws if you think that I sleep weird too!

23 October 2015

Happy Furriday

What? Today is Furriday already??


22 October 2015

New Clothes

Unhappy that my jumper didn't fit the last time, Mom continued with her quest to get some more; but tank tops this time.  And they fit nicely!

21 October 2015

Hello watz up

Been missing my blog.  All mom's fault!

Okay, so she got me this outfit online.  Too bad it is a tad too tight length wise, the elastic at the back is eating into my butt!!