16 March 2007

A Leisurely Morning At Sembawang Park

I woke up feeling excited because for the first time in my life, I was going to the beach!  Daddy decided to take the day off and bring me to the nearest beach to our home -- Sembawang Beach.  Hooray!! However, Mommy was concerned that I may not like it because I didn't like it the last time they put me into a pets' wading pool:
I wasn't enthusiastically threading water. Instead I scrambled to get out of the shallow pool!!

Also I am always stressed whenever it is bathing time.  Ok, I do see Mommy's concern but I was crossing my fingers... oops! I mean my paw pads heehee... that everything would turn out just fine. 

After I short walk around the park.

Daddy and I.... boy, was I overwhelmed!! So this IS how a beach looks like huh?
The feeling of the soft wet sand as I stepped onto the beach was.... erm... quite weird.  I am all familiar with the cold and sometimes hot concrete grounds but this is entirely new!  I was quite wary of this new environment and trotted cautiously but Daddy was very patient with me, slowly tugging me along ^_^

Daddy! I'm scared! I want to be carried! *whines*

Daddy: "It's ok, Bowie. There's nothing to be afraid of. Daddy is here with you."
Bowie: "I am really scared!  Please stay with me ok?"

And I finally stepped into the water!! But...but...but...that is the furthest I dared to go! *feels paiseh*


Eeeee...! I looked so ugly like this!!!  Mommy, hurry up go home and blow me dry!
There! My first visit to the beach!  It's not so bad after all.  Hopefully as I visit the beach more, I will conquer my fear of the water.  Oh yes, the booking of cab when we wanted to go home was horrible! There were no cabs available wor... called many many times unsuccessfully, so pek-chek you know.  Luckily in the end there were people who came in cab so we were able to get into an empty one. Phew!

13 March 2007


Humans always say there are 101 ways of doing this and that.  My sleeping patterns are no exception of course!  But erh... 101 seems a bit too many lah, maybe just several for the time being.  However, I will definitely work hard (oops! wrong, should be sleep hard!) to stack up the numbers.

Mommy!!!! Why you took this pic???!! My backside exposed!(*Mommy thinks my upper thighs look like raw chicken thighs!! HELP!!!!!*)


Best place of all!  Mommy's arms... awww!

Another place where I like to snuggle is Mommy's lap when she's working at the PC but I do not have any pic to show.  There's only this blurry pic where I'd stand on hind legs and poke at Mommy to request her to carry me up on to her lap:

Cute anot??  ^_^

08 March 2007

Mommy Striked Again

Last night Mommy again striked with her crazy ideas and made fun of me :(    But...but...but... this time I have to admit her idea was rather cute!  However, I must praise myself too for being co-operative and not making things difficult for her.  See the photos below and you will understand.

Bear: "Bowie, I protect you!"

Bear: "Bowie, I hug you!"

Bear: "Bowie, piggy-back me!"

Bear: "Bowie, I sayang you (pat your head)!"

Me: "Bear, good nite!" *zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz*

Sleeping Handsome

 Hairy Sausage???

Oh, it's me! heehee...

Sleeping so soundly ... not knowing I was being photographed.  Oh no! Did I drool??? 

My Hump-xercise

I simply LUURVE our new sofa which is L-shaped. Daddy sits at the lounge seat so his legs are always stretched out. This works great for me because I can just hop on there and hump daddy's legs whoahahaha...*evil grin* Previously I could only do it when daddy went to sleep on the bed. Pardon the photo's quality because I was "in rhythmic motion" (^_^) 

heh hoh heh hoh.... heh hoh heh hoh... 

06 March 2007

Silky Terrorist

Well, don't be scared.  Not a terrorist in THAT sense, not those we always hear about on the news.  This is another type of terror, found only in MY household whoahahaha.....

Rolling and rubbing on bed, oblivious to Daddy reading the newspapers

hijacking the newspapers by lying across on top of it, and shaking, rolling.. whatever stunts I can pull ^_^

The new generation 'D' terror is here!  'D' for DOG! ......BOL!

Bowie Where Are You?

Yesterday Mommy was in the room with me.  Later she couldn't see me anywhere in the room.  Not under the table, not on her bed either.   She was so amused when she found me like this:

In the toilet resting on the rag!!!

Looks like we can't differentiate where and where of the houses; and anything that's soft and comfy is resting place! hahaha..... That's why we dogs are such happy-go-lucky creatures!

Gong Xi Fa Cai (Chinese New Year 2007)

Lunar New Year 2007 had just come and gone.  Since I'm the "Top Dog Model" (see previous entry), you must be wondering what I wore for the CNY.  Come, let's take a look!

In Cheongsam (must dress for the occasion isn't it?)

Wat?? Must still work (ie. take photo) during CNY? NO...........!!!!!

Nope! No treats I don't want to take photo! 

What? After this can go visiting? Then hurry up snap a shot!

Psst... tell you a secret.  The cheongsam isn't mine.  I was just modelling in it as all of my sizes were sold out by CNY.  Mommy did not leave a piece for me! *wails*  The one I was wearing was a size bigger (notice that the collar is so wide on the first 3 photos?).  Below are what I got to wear for CNY visits: 

Oooh... looking shy in so cute pink jumper. 

Back view (what a bushy tail hahaha....)

Aawww... what a cute pose.  It's a natural pose by the way, not pre-arranged

Big Head Shot

Fashion Parade

Top dog model.... sounds glamourous huh? Don't be fooled! It takes tonnes of patience and hard work (pretend to smile, act cute, and give nice poses) yet earn peanuts!! K, never mind....

Big Head Shot, complete with a killer smile ^_^


*whistling*  Who's thi chic gal?  

Hey! is this my twin sister???? Mom?

That's all for the fashion show.  See? Me macho dog has to model gal clothes too. Like I said, it ain't easy at all.  Need to have that X-factor to be TOP MODEL! ^_^