31 May 2016

Can You See Me

There's a door blocking mom's view. I don't think she can see me.

I need to scratch that itchy spot real bad!

Ok Mom, I did not do anything! I swear!

30 May 2016


There's a crossing ahead; gotta stop and look out for traffic.

AGAIN, i refused to look at the camera. Mom was pissed BOL.

The above 2 pics are of the same cat, the same cat from this post too!

Another cat relaxing :)

28 May 2016

Playful Saturday

That is an Ostrich leaning on my back.  It is actually a children's toy that Mom bought from IKEA. No unsafe parts, everything stitched on.

It has no squeaky but instead has those jiggly beads sound when you shake it. 
It's been holding up well since I am a gentle old pup.

27 May 2016

ZZZZZZ April 2016

Mom likes to watch me sleep. So eerie isn't it?
She says it is the easiest time to take pics BOL

Now, this one above is especially for Princess Leah (^_^) : See Leah, told you I do "Slippage" too. You may laugh at me since I secretly laughed at you BOL

26 May 2016

Throwback Thursday

I could fit into mom's lap @3.5 months.

 13 years later, I am overflowing and keep falling out BOL.

It is natural for us Silkies to be born dark in color (black and tan). When we become adults, our color would turn to blue (aka grey) and tan. Over the years, my colors got slightly lighter (silverish grey and light tan). I cannot be sure if that is due to old age greying or natural.

23 May 2016

Dress Up For Whitley

Today I am pawticipating in Dress Up For Whitley hosted by Dory's Backyard.

Okay, here we go (most of them are from long time ago...as long as 10 years ago!)

Pardon the chest hair



Denim Shirt

Traditional Chinese Costumes

Elf costume

Traditional Korean Costume

Polo Shirt




That's all folks!

We miss Whitley.  But we are sure she's enjoying herself with all her furry furriends in Rainbow Land.

22 May 2016

I am 13 today!

Today I am 13 years young. That's equivalent to 68 human years, according to some doggie calculator.

Banana Coconut Flour muffin Pupcake especially made in bone shape for me!! \(^_^)/

I was ordered asked to wait for a photo first.

I could not wait.... hurry and snap those photos mommy.

And I attacked the pupcake before mom even said I can eat! BOL...

SHE screamed at me to stop, but the pupcake already in this state!

Nothing she could do except to let me finish the rest up BOL

not forgetting those crumbs on the floor!

And to thank mom, I left these for her BOL BOL BOL BOL


3 "gold coins" buahahaha...

 thank you mommy!

 not too happy for a wefie

A satisfied old dog pup going to lalaland.
Wearing my new tee by the way hehe