13 March 2012

Unique Pet Beds

Samuel Cox, the creator of the eSleeper, describes his invention like this: “When the feline decides it's nap-time, eSleeper’s automated lighting control turns on a relaxing wave of color inside an eMac, while greeting the cat with the iconic Macintosh start-up chime. When the cat walks out, eSleeper turns off the lights and tweets to @eSleeper1, displaying various phrases along with how long the cat has occupied eSleeper.”

03 March 2012

Underwater Dogs

I have recently posted the above photo.   Here's more: click here.

01 March 2012

While Waiting

This is what I do sometimes, while waiting for my pawrents to go to bed.  

   Sometimes my paws stack up nicely, sometimes they don't.

Glad that my modesty is preserved.  Hurry up, lights off pleaseeee!