29 April 2007

My Grooming - Before, During & After

After almost 7 months since my last grooming session (I mean a PROPER grooming, not those snips that Mommy did for me every now and then), yesterday I had another session.  By a home-dog-groomer who came by our house.

 Before my fur went under the clipper. By the way, this is how I always spread out my hind legs when Mom comb me ^_^

 Cutie face!
 The groomer is here! Oh No!

 Sniff sniff

Grooming underway. 

Cleaning out my ears. 


Finally done!  

Handsome? ^_^ 

Mommy let me play with a new Bear as a reward! Hooray!

23 April 2007

Hotdoll: The Sex Doll for Dogs

OOOH MY!   What a Hot & Sexy topic today!!

How i wish that's me! BOL...cos the Cocker Spaniel looks like he's having one hell of a time!   Anyway, who's the genius who came up with such an idea?? Really! tsk tsk tsk ... ...

(click here for source)

17 April 2007

Messy King

 "Huh?? Calling me is it?!"

 "Mommy you caught me rolling on the bed again eh? Please don't scold me!
I also don't know why I have this weird habit ... see the bed I MUST roll leh?"

"Forgive me please, Mommy?  Can you bear to scold me when my fringe is already blocking my view?  Ok lah, IF you can find my eyes I'll let you scold!" (hee..hee..hee..)

16 April 2007


等你等到我睡着了... means 'wait for you till I fell asleep'.  Everyday at 6+pm, I would be very restless in the living room.  Why? Because I wait for Daddy to come home from work.  Any noise from outside our door would make my ears stand up like satellite 'dish'.

"Mommy, I am going to wait for Daddy now.  You may go and do your things... don't need to bother about me."

"Hmm... what' s taking Daddy so long?? "

... ... ... still waiting ... ... ... 左等等 ...

... ... ... more waiting ... ... ... 右等等 ...  

 ... ... wait till all colours faded ... ... BOL

 "... ... ... let me sleep first lah, don't think Daddy will be early today... ..."

"Mommy! Please wake me up when Daddy's back!!"

11 April 2007

In My Dream

I dreamt that I was in Los Angeles. And at the walk of fame or something, there was this thing I saw:

Supermodel of the Year 2006. Hey! Isn't that MY name on it??? WOW!   

And I woke up with a BIG SMILE on my face, still basking in the glory and happiness of being a supermodel! BOL.....

05 April 2007

New Dog Tag

Wow! Looks like a very cool dog tag! I wonder if it's newly bought by Mommy?  I think so as it has my name on it!! Cool!


Mommy: "Bowie, it is not a real tag. Mommy 'made' it from a dog tag generator found on the internet.  You were fooled! hahaha...."

Today's Headline


"Mommy! I'm in THE news! Headlines somemore, unbelievable eh?!"