30 December 2015

No More

The look I give Mommy when I was told "no more! ".

What do you mean I've finished my treats quota for the day? So fast?!!

20 December 2015


My hoomans abandoned left me at my usual boarding camping place fur a very long long 18 days while they went holiday-ing at Europe in last couple of weeks!!!

As my nanny had recently moved to a new apartment and has a new baby (hence lesser snuggle time with me), I was not a happy boy during this 18 days.  Of the many update photos Mommy received, only a handful of me was still smiling for the first few days. The rest showed me with a straight-line lip! I went to sleep inside my crate (which I don't normally do) and even dragged out the little piece of cloth mommy put inside my crate to sleep with me! I heard saw the comments that "Bowie so smart" were being texted by the nanny to mommy.  They were starting to worry whether I was depressed. BOL.


I was immediately back to my normal self once I was back home!! The power of LOVE.

19 December 2015

Somethings Stolen At the VET

This morning, something was amiss when we all slept past my breakfast time.  Then without MY breakfast I was put into my crate.  Next thing I knew, we were at the VET and my pawrents left me THERE!!!

When I woke up, I felt groggy...and my .. my .. mouth was painful.  Something felt wrong.  Again before I knew it, I saw my pawrents again. I felt weak all over and my head was spinning.

I slept and slept after reaching home.  Then I felt a little bit better and I could finished all my food.  I was hungry after skipping breakfast! However, I had to have my kibbles softened with water.  Still tasted good..yum...! I realized upon eating that I've had my teeth stolen at the VET!! OH MY DAWG!

Graphics WARNING:

(images from here).

below are photos of my stolen teeth.....

 Can't be sure if this is Molar or Premolar..
 another side of the above, to show how rotten it is.


 Incisor (looks like a glove! BOL)

 probably a Premolar

Total of FOUR teeth stolen!!!  At this rate I'll be needing a denture soon!

The VET's excuse??  Said my teeth were rotten and loose, had to go.

I heard Mom telling him to CLEAN my teeth.  I seriously think the VET has to take some English lessons! He didn't even ask MY permission to take out MY teeth! 

Bowie's mom here: The stolen teeth as claimed by Bowie were returned to me.  They smelled rotten indeed! urrgh..!
Can only check which teeth exactly are gone when the gum has healed.