29 April 2016

Random Shots

I was having my usual walkie with Mommy when she spotted these:

Our neighborhood has quite a number of stray cats, or community cats as some of us may call them.
Sometimes they snooze under cars, sometimes they are on top, like this one.
I did not get to scream at him/her as it is above my view level BOL...

This is advertisement on top of a cab. Yup, it is quite common in Singapore where we live, though you don't see them all the time. This cab just happened to be parked there when we walked pass.

Interesting? heehee...

19 April 2016


Remember this photo from this post?
I was saying I need to get back my 6-pack-abs? I mean, look at that BULGE! ergh!

so here I was, trying to exercise -- shaking left, right, left, right, left, right....

nope, I've got no time to comb even my fringe.
Can't you see that I'm doing some core exercises stretching here?

huh huh huh.... *panting*

That was some cardio works there.
Now, time for meat-jerky treats!
I need my protein for serious muscle building.
*where's my slave? why aren't I served my protein?*

18 April 2016

14 April 2016

Happy Furriday

silly mommy made a mistake and posted one day early. WAKE UP mommy! 
oh well, let's just pretend Furriday is already here muahahaha...


12 April 2016

ZZZZZ March 2016

Collection of invasion of privacy Snooze in the month of March 2016.
Which is/are your favourite?  \(^_^)/

Pillow top 'mattress' ... literally.

In the middle of the night, in pitch black, mom used flash.
Why the heck wasn't she sleeping???!!

oh gosh.... I need to start dieting to get back my 6-pack-abs.


07 April 2016

Not Supposed To

When Momma mops the floor, I am up on the sofa just like my furniture stairs.

Geez, Mommas and their rules.
Lucky for her, I am such a good boy.
Only to be caught later for licking my paws.

06 April 2016

Wordless Wednesday - Walkie

A note from my Momma - "he just would not look at the camera!"

05 April 2016

Tongue Out Tuesday

    Flip up to the right.

    Flip up to the nose.

    Flip to the left, oh, that's a heart shape for YOU.