18 February 2009



Wonder what are those 2 black rectangles that are sticking on my forehead?  They are my new eyebrows lor!  

Mommy has tried using mini hairclips but they are hard to clip on (ie. I do not co-operate well plus my hair is prolly too thin for the clips to stay well in place).  Recently Mommy got 2 pieces of velcro-like thingy that she uses on her own hair to prevent her fringe from falling.  So she cut off part of them to use on me!  They work slightly better than hairclips but she still finds one or both pieces straying on the floor or wrapped inside blanket (which I rolled in ^_^) heehee...

Ok, so while Mommy tried the velcro thingy on me, Daddy was sleeping.  When he woke up and saw me, he said: "Bowie, now got eyebrows ah?" so the "velcro clips" are now called Bowie's Eyebrows.