24 April 2012

Nails Inspection

*Below photos were taken at the same time as those in "Foot Loose".*

You wanna check moi finger nails Mom?... here my hands.

yeah...I know! CUTE is written all over my face! *Trying to distract her* BOL !!!

wh..what did you just say? I didn't hear it. Say again?

Yay! I passed the nails inspection, no manicure session this week! Hooray!
I strongly believe the cute face did help! ^_^

23 April 2012

Foot Loose

Foot Loose?  Footloose?

Nay...! It's Foot Dangling!

06 April 2012


Let me explain a bit. "Shiok" is commonly used in Malaysia & Singapore.  It conveys a feeling of strong physical/emotional pleasure, excitement or tingling taste buds (when used with regards to food).

So, I was feeling shiok rolling about and rubbing my face in my bed when mommarazzi sneaked up from behind and took un-glam shots of me!