15 March 2008

Sleep Baby Sleep ... ... ... *WOOF! WOOF! WOOOOFFFF!!!*

With reference to the title of this post, I can only say "A video speaks a thousand words".

Beware! Tune down your speakers' volume before you start watching this video!

Employ me as your "watch dog" as I never ever sleep on the job! *grin*

Mummy, up..up (part 2)


Sometime last year, I wrote about how I would paw Mommy's thigh to let her know I wanna go up sleep on her lap (refer here), usually while she is using the computer.

This time round, Mommy managed to do a video recording of me doing the request! ^_^

Continue below only AFTER you have viewed the video ok?










From the video, you would have seen that I did not manage to persuade Mommy! :(

Therefore I sulked and slept below the computer table lor!

05 March 2008

Cute Little Collar

Cute little collar, that is what Mommy has termed such collar whereby the opening is quite small. Usually there is a row of few buttons in a normal polo shirt but there are some polo shirts with no buttons at all.  Daddy has one like that and so do I!

By the way, this is my VERY FIRST piece of clothes you know?  Mommy says I look very cute in it, with the cute little collar. Says I look cute & smart yet at the same time look a bit like 'Uncle' lor! piangz!

and guess what??? Mommy even flipped up the collar to make me look stylo-milo wor. *double piangz (piangz piangz)*

You all say neh? How do I look?


I act like I am the supervisor whenever Mommy mops floor.  In order not to leave any paw mark on the floor, I will watch Mommy perform her duty from the sofa.

Like this:

"Ghost ah!!!!!!!"

Oops! Wrong camera settings!
... balik balik ...

Like this:

like this:

and like this:

But then I quite blur lah, do not know how to see if the floor has dried, so Mommy has to tell me to "Stay!" before I am allowed to come down.  When I hear her say "Ok!", I FLY down from sofa.  After that I would run around the whole house to check through Mommy's work ;)

Sleeping with my jumper on

The weather has been rather cool lately so it is a bit cold sleeping "naked" on the cold ceramic-tiled floor.  And so Mommy let me put on my jumper:

img_2356.jpg img_2359.jpg
Yes, PINK jumper. Who says boys can't wear pink??  See I look so damn CUTE in pink!!

My cute short legs in the jumper's leggings! ^_^

... and not to forget its "bra" strap! LOL!

img_2348.jpg img_2349.jpg


Sleeping with my toys (Raffy, Pinky, and er.....Bear-Bear which was prolly covered somewhere).

01 March 2008

My Laundry

Yes! I also have my laundry!!!  And I need not get my hands (oops! I mean paws) wet! :P

See the hanger? That's the children's clothes hangers LOL! Just nice for my clothes leh :)

Those towels hanging in line with my tee? They are all MINE alright? Crazy right? Mommy lor! She super kia-su... 1 for placing under my water bowl, 1 for wiping my dicky after peepee, 1 for wet-wiping and 1 for dry-wiping my muzzle after meals, 1 for wiping mouth after drinking and then 1 for wiping after walks. 6 of them! *faint; can somebody please record that in the Guiness World Records book? Thank you.*

Newspapers and I

Do not misunderstand, it is not that I read the newspapers but somehow the newspapers play an important role in dogs' lives; don't you think?  Or should I say we help to put the read newspapers to GOOD use?! I don't know about the rest of my fellow K9s out there but our household's old newspapers are used:

  • to line my toilet area;

  • as dining mat when I have my BARF meals; and

  • to line the floor when I vomit (ie. if Mommy manage to catch me going to vomit lah :P).

But there's something unexplainable about this weird behaviour of mine though: whenever I see my hoomans flip open the newspapers on the floor to sit down and read, immediately I will run grab my Bear-Bear or Pinky (toy) and then park myself on the newspapers to play!! Then in order to make me go away, Mommy will play fetch with me heeheeee... However, at times when I am not in playing mood, I will just go lie down ON the newspapers they are trying to read! LOL! I also do not know why leh??




The same thing also always happens when Mommy is preparing in advance the papers for my toilet use (separating the papers into individual sheets); the moment I see her handling the newspapers on the floor, there I go again fetching my toy etc... This makes Mommy very frustrated lor!

Funny thing is, I don't fetch my toys to go play on my toilet's or dining mat's newspapers leh.. how come ah? Instinct?? Or I so smart know how to differentiate??? hmm....