30 November 2012

Paw Lickin' Good

(note from mommy: his tongue isn't showing due to the angle of shot taken but he was definitely licking his daddy's leg. Look at his eyes! Shut! Sure sign that he was really enjoying himself)

25 November 2012

Torture Chamber

It was not my bath torture day, which explains why I was still having my clothes on.  But Mom said I have to show my furriends my new bath torture place, so I was made to pose :(

I always stand on an inverted basket during the torture.  Why?  Mom says I have myself to blame. 'Cos I would lick the dirty (bath) water! BOL! ...yeah, I admit that :P

This one is my 'new' torture basket, recycling an old kitchen sink drip basket which was hardly used.

(behind the scene, Mom kept saying "Bowie sit! Sit! Sit!")

So I gave her a VERY NICE POSE so that I could leave the torture chamber fast.

23 November 2012

Unsolved Mystery

Mystery?? Sounds exciting eh?

Furriends, have you spotted anything unusual from the above photo? ... erm... besides me not looking at the camera...

 If you'd not, here's a clearer pic:

Here's the answer:

It still baffles Mom till now, that my arm (yes, always just ONE arm) can always slip out of the armhole. It happens with other clothes too and they are not over-sized!

Clue: it happens only after I've rubbed and rolled myself silly on the bed ^_^.

19 November 2012


Daddy just left the house and he was not going for work. This means he would not be gone whole day so it is my habit to wait for him.

Butt I also need to babysit watch over Mom.  So I gotta pick a centralized location. 

17 November 2012

Size Does Not Matter

Yeah...my bed "looks" smaller than me.  But hey, that makes the bed more comfy as I can nestle in it!
When I curl up inside, it's perfect.  Here, I just woke up and was doing my morning stretching ^_^

15 November 2012

Very Long Necklace

Can every buddy see that very long necklace that is swinging towards me in the above photo?? 
Why would any buddy hang a necklace there?  I nearly got myself tangled up.

11 November 2012

Strike A Pose

See how I pose with my front feet?  Mommy calls it a Ballet Pose.

09 November 2012

Beauty Sleep

Oh NO! Dark circles, yeeks!

I need more beauty sleep from now on. Shh..! Don't disturb me Mom.

Sleeping anywhere is fine with me.  Be it under the coffee table

or curling up right next to Mom on the sofa.

07 November 2012

Wordless Wednesday - Wordless

What do you mean I must type something? Isn't this post titled "Wordless ... ..."?????

06 November 2012


Please do not be alarmed. The surgery was for my Bear-Bear:

See?  Bear-Bear's asshole was in very serious condition!

(Mommy: Bowie was not anxiously checking on Bear-Bear's condition. Instead he wanted to drag Bear-Bear down to play some more!)

Emergency operation in progress .... (and the guardian anxiously awaiting).

Operation successful! Sutures not nicely done though *ahem*

Couldn't wait to play.

Only to walk off a few seconds later :(  .....

.... to play with another Bear-Bear!