30 November 2006

Knock Knock

Mommy...! Why you keep me out of the kitchen??

Hello! Open the door pleeeeaase?  I am lifting my paw-paw making my request, can't you see?

Mommy....! Tolong tolong open the door lah.. Mommy soo bad!

  Waste my time! Might as well pose for the camera ... Cheese.. (^_^)

Hmmph... or I shall sulk here at one corner @-@  我的脸够臭吗?

28 November 2006

A Leisurely Afternoon

Mommy managed to sneak up on me earlier today while I was snoozing on the sofa, all by myself.  This is also the very same spot that without anyone watching me like a hawk, I lick my paws wet heehee.  The usual outcome is of course getting scoldings from Mommy, after which my paws would be blown dry with the hairdryer.

I just don't understand what the fuss is all about?  The paws are mine; why can't I lick them as I please???!!  Not to even mention that I also cannot scratch as I like.  OMG! Humans tsk tsk tsk *eyes rolling upwards* ... ...  Where are the dogs' rights? I want to complain to the 'gahment' (aka government)!

My ID Card

Nice? If you peepz are interested, you can generate one at www.onlinewahn.de .  It's a german site.  Just click on the 'Funny Generator'  button on the menu and select the ID option (you will see a stack of IDs, just click on it).  Have fun! ^_^

Yo! Check It Out!

What's in the bag?? *curious*

17 November 2006

What Have I Been Busy With?

Some of you might remember that my part-time career is modelling.  So recently I've been busy with some projects.

Firstly,  the Hanbok which is a traditional Korean Dress, now available in doggy version which is still very much like the human's:

Pretty isn't it? heehee... and so what if I'm a boy? don't I carry off the dress as well as any girl, if not better? *proud*

Secondly, the Cheongsams and Tang-Style Costumes :

Last but not least, the Santa Elf Suit since Christmas is fast approaching:

Taa..Daa... that's about all. Boy! Was I tired out after all the photo shoots. *phew*  Oh, and if I don't look my best, that's cos I was sometimes dragged out of the bed in the middle of my snooze :(

My Christmas Cards

Yup! Doggies can receive Christmas cards too! *dancing around*

The above one was from year 2004 (I think...) and the one below just received 2 days ago:

Nice huh? All thanks to my very sweet, gentle and caring home-groomers. *"Thank you Jie-Jie!" muack muack*

Catz Are My Best Friends

Let me show you who they are:

 Whoahaha.... of course they're not live cats! They've been with me for a while now and cos they've not bathed for even once, Mommy & Daddy say they stink like hell.  But I find they smell heavenly with my saliva-parfum.  The green one befriended me first so it is slightly more 'fragrant' (ok lah, I put in inverted commas for Mommy's sake).  Below are some photos of Mommy grilling my friends:

 Me trying to rescue my friends... but not successful :(

Excuse Me, Are You A Model?


Of course I am a MODEL! (^_^)

16 November 2006

Bad Hair Day

What? Again?? Mommy..................! I think I really need a hairstylist for sure! oh, and some hair gel.

 Don't you all think so??! Ok, to proof it further:


..........and I rest my case.

15 November 2006

Elf Rolling On Bed

Note from Bowie-Mom: Intention was to let him wear the Santa Elf costume to pose for a photo. But the moment he hit the bed, he started to rock-n-roll! LOL!