04 April 2008

My New Play"Ground"

Whenever my Daddy and Mommy are lounging on the sofa, I have no problem joining them on my own as the sofa height is chicken feet to me heeheehee... But hor, sometimes when they decide to sit at the computer desk I can only loiter BELOW it! I refuse to accept that and would make noise (aka complaint) hahaha.... Mommy would then carry me up and put me on her lap. Only then would I be satisfied ^_^

So this time same thing again lor. But instead of her lap, Mommy put me on top of the computer desk! I went around sniffing everything on it, so shiok! Then I settled down and played with my Pinky.

on-table_01.jpg  on-table_02.jpg

on-table_03.jpg  on-table_04.jpg


on-table_06.jpg  See how big my smile was? ^_^